Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to Recipe D'Eva!

Shopping with my mother and big sister.
My name is Eva and I started this blog because, like many others, I have a passion for good food.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York. My parents were Italian immigrants who worked very hard for very little. My mom, Maria, learned how to make a dollar stretch in order to feed a family of five. She was truly a diva in her kitchen. She could turn a few simple ingredients into a mouth watering feast which was always followed by a delicious homemade dessert.

ering the ingredients for a meal was no easy task. Back then, there were no supermarkets where you could do one stop shopping. I remember going with my mom on shopping adventures to the produce market (she called it "the fruit store"), the butcher shop, the fish market, the grocery store and the bakery. There was even a store that sold only fresh eggs, milk and butter. My parents never owned a car, so we would walk for blocks along Church Avenue carrying all the brown bags until she completed her shopping list. Let me tell you, it was the best time in my life. We lived in a very diverse section of Brooklyn and as a result, we had the benefit of being exposed to a variety of ethnic foods. Most of the merchants would give us samples to taste and when we were done shopping, I was rewarded (if, of course, I behaved myself) with an ice cream cone from the ice cream parlor..........Tutti Fruity was my favorite flavor. (I haven't had it since and I'm still on a mission to find it.)

Let me share some of my mom's recipes with you as well as some of my own.

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  1. I love family recipes, and am glad that your son Joe posted this on facebook. I too keep an online cooking blog focused on my family's recipes, and look forward to seeing what you share.